Guilherme Berger's personal website

Software Engineer, Hacker, Student

I'm a Computer Engineering major at PUC-Rio, from which I'll graduate in 2016.

I've studied Computer Science abroad at the UNC at Chapel Hill during 2014-2015.

I have interned at Google (California, 2015), and at VTEX (Rio de Janeiro, 2013-2014).

Get in touch with me below for potential software engineering opportunities.


Personal Projects

PUC Que Pariu

Educational website used by 50%+ of PUC-Rio’s Engineering students.
I’m the founder and sole developer, as well as the manager for 12 team members.



A URL Shortener with no back-end server. Wut?

DontUnplug.Me - HackNC 2014

Allows you to be notified when someone unplugs your computer’s power cord.
Includes pictures of the “thief” via email and SMS.

Twilio - HackGT 2014

I explored Twilio’s API and built some cool hacks with it.

Open Source

I love open source! I've contributed to a few libraries and published some of my own.
Every new project I start gets published on my GitHub.

I also host all my school projects for PUC-Rio and UNC there.